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Cocktails creation

Cocktails Création | 1day1event

Cocktails creation:

the Lynchburine lemonade

Lynchburg is the name of the city where Jack Daniel’s opened his first distillery in 1866, our cocktail is a variation of the Lynchburg lemonade created in 1980, “twisted” with mandarin…


– 5cl of Jack Daniel’s Honey
– 2cl of fresh clémentine juice
– 1cl of lime
– 2 dashes bitter chocolat
– Schewppes Tonic
It’s done in a “Mason Jar” (glass jar closed with a screwed cover, the conception comes from John Landis Mason)
– Pour the Jack Daniel’s, clementine, lime, bitter and ice into the jar
– Close and shake

Original Jack Daniel’s Old N°7 recipe


  • 4cl of Jack Daniel’s Old N°7
  • 2cl of Triple Sec
  • 2cl of sour mix (1/3 water; 1/3 sugar; 1/3 lemon juice)
  • 8 cl of limonade
  • 2 slices of lemon
  • Ice cubes


Pour all ingredients into the Mason jar, except limonade.
Add 4 ice cubes
Top with limonade

Enjoy, moderatly… of course…
If you want to make it simpler, have a look to what we propose, we come to your place to make them

Why lemonade?

We can effectively wander why put emphasis on that kind of beverage (lemonade) in a cocktail recipe.
It’s an hommage to the orginal distillery of Jack Daniel’s located in Lynchburg Tenessee.
It was a “dry county” at the prohibition time, in souvenir of that period, you now get offered limonade when you get there for a visit.
Forget that story and enjoy our cocktails creation recipe.