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Our story

We met some years ago in the corridors of the hotel management school. We each have our own specialty and domain, different generations, but the same passion: The good and the beautiful.

Our complementarities, affinities and the will to reinvent « the service », « the food», and « the drink», gave birth to 1Day 1Event.

As time went by, our concept became more precise. Today our aim is to offer personalised and exclusive delivery to give our customers their own tailor made event.

For each event we reinvent and come up with new ideas, but our signature of elegance, originality and professionalism always stays the same.

For us, luxury is a matter of know-how, quality and customer respect.

À Propos Équipe Romain Wikart | 1day1event

As a best apprentice of France (bronze medal 2016), Romain has no equivalent in situ. Efficient, adaptable and tireless, he has one single objective: to make all our customers 110% satisfied. A professional graduate from Paul Augier (one of the top catering academies in the South East of France) and Nice IAE (Nice university business school), he will be the “conductor” of your events. Also passionate and graduated in mixology (the art of the cocktails), he will concoct bespoke cocktails with flying colours.

Romain Wikart - r.wikart@1day1event.com - 06 50 39 63 64 - Operations director

À Propos Équipe Hugo Allegre | 1day1event

Rigorous and human, Hugo knows from the start how to find the best personalised solutions, most adapted to any request. His motto: “Everything is possible”. He combines a real passion for his job and a strong sense of refinement.

Hugo Allegre - h.allegre@1day1event.com - 06 21 45 18 93 - Food and Beverage Manager

À Propos Équipe Sendrine et Adrien | 1day1event

Both live for their culinary creations, our chefs Sendrine and Adrien write 4 hands symphonies of flavours. From traditional meals to “world cooking” buffets, via sophisticated finger food, they will put their recognized talents at your service for your pleasure and that of your guests.

Sendrine et Adrien - Chefs

À Propos Équipe Patrick Berenguer | 1day1event

From the very start of our adventure, Patrick mixed creativity and passion, realism and communication. His experience in entrepreneurship and his capacity to step back and look at the big picture, have been essential.

Patrick Berenguer - p.berenguer@1day1event.com - 06 11 09 21 18 - Marketing director

Some client testimonials

I admit that at first I was reluctant because of the young age of the company. But you offered me original and reasonable benefit in terms of budget. So I said OK and I really do not regret it. You are true professionals, Thank you. I particularly enjoyed the cocktails for children, it's a great idea!

Mr P.R. Cannes

As a business owner, I am very sensitive to their word, respect quotes and deadlines. I do not have time to spend hours on the phone to adjust the details because my motto is "everyone's business". You made a faultless. Bravo. See you soon.

Société E Mougins

3 Once I appeal to you in very different circumstances but always a bit special. And every time you make miracles! 1day really thank you and see you soon.

LD Mandelieu

I always give a chance to young entrepreneurs, so for a communion with my family in 2014, I appealed to 1Day1Event. It was their first catering service and they were able to live up to experienced companies.

M.Astegianio (Mandelieu)

I must say that their mission was not easy, a wedding in the open field with changes places during the day ... they were able to handle any problems that our party is truly "the best day of our lives "... Thanks to the whole team.

M. et Mme F (Valdeblore)

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Reception catering and mobile cocktails bar contact
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