Easter’s cocktail 2017

Easter’s cocktail 2017

Cocktail de Pâques 2017 1day1event

2017 Easter’s cocktail !

To stay tunned to a “chocolate spirit” for easter.
We propose you this mouth delight with a pear and chocolate basis.
The Fee Brothers bitters will bring a spicy note to the cocktail.

Ingredients :

Gin Beefeater 24: 5cl
Lime: 2cl
Monin chocolte syrup: 1cl
Fee brothers chocoltate Bitters: 3 dashs
Ponthier pear puree: 5cl (you can eventualy replace with pear juice)
Egg white: 2cl


Mix all ingredients in a shaker with ice
Shake vigouresly
Pour in a glass (prefer an original container…)

Enjoy with moderation… of course…


To buy ingredients, get in touch with us, otherwise:
Monin chocolate syrup
Fee Brothers chocolate bitters
Ponthier pear puree

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2017 Easter's cocktail !
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