Cuban Mojito recipe

Recette mojito

Cuban Mojito recipe!

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You can discover the live demo of the Cuban mojito making off,  but here is the mojito recipe step by step.


Mojito recipe ingredients

Cuban rhum (Havana club 3 years for instance) : 4 cl (5 cl for the international version…)
2 Fresh mint branches (keep the leaves and the stems)
Fresh lime juice: 4 cl
Sugar cane syrup: 2 cl
Sparkling water like Perrier
Bitters Angostura (optional): 3 dashes
Ice cubes (No crushed ice)


The Mojito Recipe:

Mojito recipe mint



Use a large glass.
Put one or two mint branches into the glass (you can tap the branches on the glass along the side of the glass to express the mint aroma, try, you’ll be surprised, but don’t tell the secret).



Mojito recipe Perrier
Poor the lime juice into the glass.
If you choose the Angostura bitters option,
put 3 dashes.
Fill the glass with ice cubes.
Poor the rhum on the ice.
Fill with sparkling water.
Stir delicatly with a spoon to mix all the flavors in the glass.


Enjoy, moderatly… of course…
If you want to make it simpler, have a look to what we propose, we come to your place to make them

Our “own tricks”

Some web sites will tell you to use white powered sugar, we prefer using cane sugar syrup. Simply because the mix is more harmonious with no “cristal” effect that we don’t like.
Important: Ice cubes and no crushed ice, generaly, it’s summer time when you enjoy your mojito, crushed ice melts and the cocktail became savourless. Ice cubes have more inirtia and keep the drink fresh without melting.
DO NOT pull off the leaves from the mint, the stems are containing a lot of aroma ingredient and it will be a pity not to use them.

You can get in touch with us if you wanna buy the ingredients, otherwise, you can click on the following links:
Havana rhum: La compagnie du Rhum
Angostura bitters: La maison du whisky

Mojito story

The Mojito is THE most famous cocktail in France (We think that 60% of our customers ask for this cocktail).
There are different versions for the mojito recipe origin, some says it’s comming from the « Mint Julep », originating in the USA composed of mint, bourbon, sugar and water.

But us, we prefer alegend « Carabbiean pirats » that suits perfectly.
Some says that british pirat (Richard Drake) invented a drink mixing aguardiente (unrefined rum), sugar, mint and lime, and that he named the stuff « El Draque » (The dragon ).
The nick name “Dragon” of Sir Francis Drake comes from his time spent on all the seas. Building up a considerable fortune by doing so…
The pirat had a landmark on the Cuba island. It is supposed to be there that he invented the drink based on rum, mint and lime as a refreshment  in these  citron vert pour se désaltérer dans ces régions torrides.

The drink became famous on the island remained a long time.
With the prohibition in 1920 in the USA, Cuba quickly became a paradise for that were not fun of milk with  strawberries. In 1946, a little bit more refined version using sparkling water  appeared and became even more famous: That was the birth of THE MOJITO.

Thanks to the famous writers  that were enjoy the local trendy bars at that time like « The Floridita » and « La Bodeguita del Medio », in this very last one, some celebrities like Brigitte Bardot, Ernest Hemingway and Nat King Cole were used to be seen. The Mojito then became a huge success in the USA and the entire world.

A little bit of story…

Hemingway was used to say, regarding his two favorite drinks: “My Mojito a La Bodeguita, my Dayquiri a la Floridita”, but with us, you can have both at the same place… 😉