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To be sure to please all your guets, choose the


For a friendly and elegant reception, receive your guests arround a caterer’s buffet.
Each one discover according to his rythm and his taste all the delicacies prepared by our chiefs.
We offer a wide range of “bouchées” from the most clasic ones to the most orginal ones.
Your place, elsewhere, anywhere, we will set up an elegant buffet, varied and tasty.
A complete delivery with a qualified staff to garantee a perfect service.

Some illustrated examples of our caterer’s buffet

The range of flavours, colours or staging is infinite…


Some examples of delicacies we can realise for your caterer’s buffet at your place.

  • Foie gras and fig burger,
  • Foie gras capuccino and eggplant caviar,
  • Beef carpaccio in sushi mode,
  • Poppy marinated salmon carpaccio,
  • Smoked duck breast sandwich and zucchini caviar,
  • Foie gras and truffle crème brulée,
  • Beetroot and Roquefort crème brulée,
  • Black pudding crumble, bacon, zucchini and fresh cheese,
  • Poultry crumble with parmesan in provençale style,
  • Tomato and strawberry gaspacho,
  • Cereal delicacy,
  • Lobster with raspberries…

A caterer’s buffet delivery must be a shared by all guests moment of pleasure. We then offer some pieces specialy realised for people with gluten intolerance, for instance:

  • Smoked salmon panna cotta,
  • Parmesan panna cotta and provençale style confit,
  • Fresh goat cheese verrine,
  • Tapenade and red pepper confit,
  • Hummus and lemon poultry sauté,
  • Scalop tartare with safron and chuka wakamé salad,
  • Foie gras verrine and zucchini caviar,
  • Salmon rillette and eggplant caviar,
  • Foccacia with mediterranean vegetables
    (vegan dish),…